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Nurturing Individual Potential

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Special Programs

School Counsellor

While the Counsellor is not a special program he has a very special role in assisting in the development of special programs for special people. It is the School Counsellor's role to provide sensitive guidance and support for students, staff and parents who are in need. It is the School Counsellor who is able to assist in gaining access to the Department of School Education's support services such as a cross section of itinerant support teachers and the Home School Liaison Officer. It is also the School Counsellor's role to support and counsel parents who need guidance.

Early Intervention Programs

Teachers with special skills visit the school and observe children experiencing difficulties in the classroom and the playground. These children are usually in their early years of schooling. In conjunction with the classroom teacher a variety of strategies are devised which will develop in the child skills and concepts required to ensure that the identified students will progress to the next stage of learning.

Information Technology

Dudley Public has developed a special focus to ensure student learning is enhanced through the use of technology. A designated computer room has been established, which encompasses 30 networked computers with internet access. All classes K-6 will complete 1-2 lessons per week in the computer room, led by their class teacher or our school librarian. All classes have booking access to iPads and Chromebooks to complete their digital work and projects.


Dudley Public School has a well equipped library which is widely used by teachers and students across the school. With the support of the P & C and through a variety of fund raising activities, the school continues to purchase quality books and resources for teachers.

Every class has a regular library lesson each week, with a literature or research skills focus taught by Mrs Warren. Students are encouraged to borrow books from the library during this session. The library is also open to students at lunchtimes to utilise for reading and quiet games. Library books need to be handled with care, so we ask you to supply a library bag for your child. Please ensure your child looks after the books and returns them on time so that other students can enjoy them too.


The choir is exceptional at Dudley. It practises regularly and performs on a variety of occasions. Children in Years 3-6 are able to participate. The Choir and dance group are regular performers in Starstruck. Our school is visited each Friday by The Music Bus. Parents have the option to enrol their child in music bus lessons each week. Fees apply. Parents can enrol their child via the Music Bus website.

Excursions and Visiting Artists

Children learn through experience. Often that experience cannot be replicated within the school. For this reason we encourage excursions outside the school and visiting artists to come to our school. Excursions for our K-2 classes take the form of day trips, whilst our Year 3-6 experience 2-4 day excursions including overnight. Excursions support the unit of study being undertaken by the class within a given term.

Intensive Swimming Classes

A 10-day intensive swimming school is conducted each year. This is held towards the end of Term 4 for non-swimmers in Years 2-6.


Dudley P.S. has a long history of sporting success. We celebrate our students successes and encourage the qualities of fair play, sportsmanship and consistent effort. All classes from Kindergarten to Year 6 participate in organised sports programs. All students are encouraged to enjoy sporting activities and participate at their own level of expertise.

Students dress in their house colours and complete sport on Fridays. Years 3-6 have their sports session from 2.00 - 3.00. They are organised into four sporting houses and walk down to Dudley Oval to complete a range of in-school activities. Sporting programs for K-2 classes are held from 9.30 - 10.30 am by class or stage teachers.

The sporting houses and colours are:

Shortland - blue 

Jeffries - yellow 

Currey - green 

Macquarie - red

In Term 1, a swimming carnival is held for Years 1 - 6.

In Term 1 a cross country carnival is held for all students K - 6.

Term 3 the athletics carnival is held for all students K - 6. Students in Years 3 - 6 have the opportunity to qualify for participation in Zone, Regional and State Carnivals.

Public Speaking

Students in Years K - 6 are encouraged to participate in a range of Public Speaking activities within the classroom, across stage activities, in front of the whole school and in district competition.

Premier's Spelling Bee

All students 3-6 have the chance to compete in our school round of the Premier's Spelling Bee. The two winners from Stage 2 and two winners from Stage 3 will be invited to compete at the Regional Spelling Bee.